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金點推薦 MODAT-531強固型手持電腦物聯網裝置

金點推薦 MODAT-531強固型手持電腦物聯網裝置


Name of Product:MODAT-531 Ruggedized Enterprise PDA Mobility Management Solution

Name of Manufacturer of Product :IEI Integration Corp.
Name of Design Company of Product:IEI Integration Corp.



威強電工業電腦以 MODAT-531強固型手持裝置榮獲2016臺灣精品獎、2015德國紅點設計獎以及2015台灣金點設計獎。此款超輕薄卻強固的MODAT-531 PDA符合 IP67 防護等級和通過1米5落摔測試,是一款堅固並高度集成的終端型PDA,專為企業移動管理系統而設計。不同於其他傳統工業型PDA,MODAT-531 僅重 386 克,並在機身背部特別採用簡約人體工學弧度設計,以及機身兩端條碼觸發按鈕,方便左/右手操作。這些卓越的功能皆為使用者創造更加卓越舒適的體驗。


IEI MODAT-531 Takes Home Three Major Design Awards

IEI Integration Corporation is proud to announce that the MODAT-531 industrial PDA has taken home the Taiwan Excellence Award 2016, the Red Dot Design Award 2015, and the Golden Pin Design Award 2015. The ultra-light MODAT-531 industrial PDA with IP 67 rating features a rugged and highly integrated terminal PDA design; the model is truly a business mobility management solution. Unlike other traditional industrial PDAs, the MODAT-531 only weighs 386 grams and comes with a simplified, ergonomic radian design (which is especially notable on the back of the model). The MODAT-531 is equipped with a barcode trigger button on each side for easy left- or right-handed operation. Combined, these features result in seamless user-friendly experiences.


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